A Tale of Two Ferrari's

Disclaimer: For you Ferrari fans this tale ends very badly where both Ferrari’s get f’d up. As many of you know several months ago there was an Enzo that was wrecked in Southern California and it opened up a pandora’s box for Stefan Eriksson. Just yesterday one of his buddies, Carl Freer, was arrested. Could this be the elusive “Dietrich” that caused the Enzo crash? Bottomline, these guys are friggin’ guilty of something – either stupidity for wrecking an Enzo or just throwing around their money and expecting no one to notice. If Stefan had wrecked a Ford Explorer no one would have cared. The 2nd tale is about another Ferrari that was recently wrecked. This was one of the world’s first production 599 GTB’s which was wrecked in Italy. I heard about this one and almost cried on the spot, okay maybe not cry but it was painful to hear the story. The driver , who i met in Los Angeles, shall remain anonymous, but he was testing the car in Italy and said as he was driving the car around the test track, he lost control and wrecked the car. He didn’t say how bad it was, but it seems any Ferrari in an accident ain’t cheap. You’ll be able to read all about it in the upcoming July edition of Car and Driver.
PDF of July 2006 Car and Driver article [pdf, 3 pages, 344k]

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