Hitler in Bombay?

A friend of mine from LA, sent me the link to this article and asked “Are people in India really this ignorant?” The answer is yes, some people are so out of touch with reality that they have no clue how insensitive they are. The link mentioned “A NEW restaurant in India’s financial hub, named after Adolf Hitler…” Yes, Bombay is the financial hub and to be more specific the real action is in Nariman Point. However, this restaurant is in New Bombay (aka Navi Mumbai) and is NOWHERE near the financial hub. To sum up the difference between Bombay and New Bombay is the difference between the 310 and the 909, for all you LA folks! The owner is a complete moron in todays local paper he said the restaurant concept was copyrighted and they are looking to expand…what’s next after India…Israel? Final note, what the fu!#$ are hookahs doing in a restaurant named after Hitler.

UPDATE – Aug 28th, 06 – The place has been renamed The Cross Cafe – I’m quite sure I will still never venture to New Bombay.

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