Shiro, the new "it" club in Bombay

Shiro is the newest hot spot in Bombay and it’s impressive. It’s located in the Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound in Worli next to the Hard Rock Cafe. And, when i say next too I mean they share a common wall. Shiro is massive on the inside and has a very Buddhist/zen look similar to Tao New York or Tao Vegas. You enter the place and immediately you are looking at a 50ft statue, to the left is a small lounge and to the right is a large area to mingle and drink. They have two VIP areas on top, but if you are up there you’ll end up missing all the eye candy on the ground floor. I also got a chance to visit the Hard Rock Cafe and it’s just as large on the inside. I have never visited a Hard Rock Cafe except the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, they have done a great job with the place, food is good and the music is actually great b/c they don’t play bollywood songs. If you are planning to hit up both these places, I recommend getting some food at Hard Rock Cafe then get into Shiro before 10:30p after that it will be impossible to get in, unless on a guest list.

Hard Rock Cafe – Bombay info
Pics of Shiro

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