Bombay's newest mega store

The tagline for Hypercity is very appropriate – “There’s more to discover.” I had a chance to visit Bombay’s answer to the “big box” format (ala Costco and Carrefour) and it is spread over 100,000 square feet. If you were blindfolded and taken to the center of the store you would have no idea you were in India, the K. Raheja Group has definitely done it’s homework in launching Hypercity. Of all the talk and rumors of new malls and stores coming to India, most will fail but Hypercity will survive. What’s the secret, the K. Raheja Group is one of the largest family owned builders in Bombay, however the were smart enough to hire people with prior experience to operate and expand the Hypercity concept. They offer the expected brands you might find at a Big Bazaar and also their own private label brands such as Tosco and Lauren Christopher. The store reminds me of a Target Greatlands in that is very contemporary looking and the quality of merchandise seemed pretty good. Hypercity is located in Malad (West) next to the equally massive Inorbit Mall. Due to it’s location most people from South Bombay will visit this store about as often as Santa Claus visits. Hypercity website Pics of Hypercity

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