Gotta love technology

As I write this blog entry it’s about 11:30pm Thursday night in Bombay which means it’s about 10a Thursday morning in Los Angeles. The OC a TV show on Fox premieres season 4 tonight at 9p LA time. However, due to BitTorrent technology I was able to download the show and watch it before the season premiere. I’ll admit I used to love watching the OC during season 1, then during season 2 and 3 I got pulled in a million different ways as did their storyline. One of the main reasons I liked the show is they filmed it on a sound stage in Manhattan Beach and some of the outdoor shots were of the Redondo Beach Pier. In the season 4 premiere they have also invaded Hermosa Beach with several shots of the pier, you can see the green awnings of Patrick Malloy’s.

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