Macworld SF 2007


Here we are a day after Macworld San Francisco and everyone is weighing in on the latest and greatest from Apple. After everything was said and done, Steve released 3 products:

– Apple iPhone – at first this product looked like the “holy grail”, but now it just seems like an awesome phone and NOT an awesome phone + iPod. But, I’m quite sure I’ll end up buying one of these bad boys in the next next 9-12 months, once they get to Asia.

– Apple TV – i still don’t see the value of this product, if you have space for this product, why not drop another USD 300 and get a full blown mac mini. Yes, this product has component video output, but if you are gonna pimp out your TV room wouldn’t you be using HDMI anyway?

– Improved AirPort Extreme base station. Has the new 802.11n spec + a/b/g compatible. Has a new case that has the same footprint as the mac mini and Apple TV product.

What was missing? New displays, iLife 07, iWork 07, new iPods and Leopard.

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