Calorie Care: The new tiffin service

logo_calorie_care.png One of the main attractions for me about being in India, is seeing age old businesses being recharged and revamped. One which I recently came across is the age old tiffin service. Typically you would have someone cook your lunch and then you would give it to a tiffinwala, who would then deliver your food to your desk in the office, alot has been written about this age old service.

The Calorie Care guys not only deliver your meal but cook the food for you. And the food they cook is healthy. The service actually tackles a couple of new issues arising with the new work force in India, people who can’t cook their own food since they live alone and food that is actually healthy.

Although I have not tried the service it’s definitely something to try if you are living in South Bombay and on your own.

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