Forbes Billionaires

forbes_120_160.gif The latest list from Forbes is out and there are a large number of Indians on the list this year. Many can be attributed to sky high equity valuations and insane property prices. Some of them are:

#62 – KP Singh of DLF. USD 10 billion. A major property developer in Delhi, although not currently listed on the exchanges, valuations done on the enormous land the company owns.

#114 – Ramesh Chandra – Unitech. USD 6.4 billion. Listed on the exchanges.

#754 – PNC Menon – Sobha Developers. USD 1.3 billion. List on the exchanges.

#840 – Pradeep Jain of Parsvnath Developers. USD 1.1 billion. I wrote about their IPO previously and it currently trades 50% off it’s 52 week high. So I’m guessing if you had to calculate his wealth today he would not make the list.

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