Joost, Calix and India

joost_mike_volpi.jpgWhat do those three things have in common…Cisco Systems. It’s been a pretty busy two weeks with a lot of news involving ex-Cisco people. First up is Mike Volpi who is now the CEO of Joost, which is a way to watch TV over the internet. At Cisco, Volpi ran the multi-billion Routing and Service Provider Technology Group, which sells switches and routers sold to the world’s largest telcos and cable companies.

Next up is Carl Russo of Calix. Calix is another company benefiting from IPTV, by providing the head end gear for homes. Rumor is that Calix is going to IPO very soon according to Carl Russo was the CEO of Cerent when it got acquired by Cisco in 1999 for an obscene USD 6.9 billion. I still don’t get why Carl insists on having a mustache…so 70’s.

Lastly and most interesting is the Country Manager for Cisco India, Jangoo Dalal is gone, he was at Cisco for over 10 years. Prior to him was Rangu Salgame, who was also in the position for a short while. For a market that is supposed to be one of the biggest, there is a lot of turmoil at the top. I’m guessing with Cisco announcing that Bangalore will be it’s 2nd headquarters, that might be putting a lot of undue stress on the sales team as everyone is watching them much closer.

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