Hong Kong trip

hong_kong.JPGI went to Hong Kong last week for the first time and I was blown away by the city. It happened to be the 10 year anniversary of the handover back to China, so as you can imagine a lot of festivities around that. It also happened to be the 10 year anniversary of the Asian Financial Crisis that started with Thailand.

It was tough to not draw comparisons between HK and Mumbai.  Both are financial hubs and many people live in both cities.  But, that is where the similarity ends, HK has the infrastructure that Bombay only dreams about.   Getting around the financial district was as easy as walking around the elevated walkways to shield you from the rain and the traffic down below. People were very helpful and the city was full of energy. The city is geared towards business and it shows, I can only imagine what mainland China is like.

People told me that HK has the highest number of Rolls Royce’s per capita in the world, they forgot to tell me the streets are littered with 7-series Beamer’s and S-class Benzo’s.

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