Buh Bye BlackBerry

After using the iPhone for the past 6 weeks, i’ve come to the conclusion that spending over USD 550 on my BlackBerry Pearl was stupid. I also don’t know why Research in Motion (maker of the BlackBerry) is trading near it’s historic highs. The only great thing about the BlackBerry is that it did e-mail really well, however the iPhone does e-mail better and does about 10 other great things. In addition, I no longer have to pay RIM a monthly charge that ranges from USD 25-30/month in India. I just have to enable GPRS service which goes for about USD 10/month. With the advent of the Apple SDK coming out in February, a whole boatload of applications will be written. Probably more applications will be released in the first month, then all the current applications on a BlackBerry. RIM has sold over 8 million BlackBerries and the iPhone has already sold over 1.4 million in 6 months. Do the math.

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