Porsche Centre Mumbai Open

What a birthday present for me, after watching patiently for over 6 months while the the new Porsche Centre Mumbai was being put together it’s now open. Their grand opening was tonight and the pics are from the event after most of the people had cleared out so I could get some pics without some lame Harry Potter fan getting in the way. The showroom/dealer is located at Kemps Corner in South Bombay. This is the 2nd showroom for Porsche in India, the first one was opened in Delhi last year. I had expected them to have a couple Cayenne’s and 911 Carrera’s but I had no clue they would pull out the big daddy Carrera GT. Around 1200 GT’s were made and sold for around USD 500,000 a piece. This particular GT is on loan from the Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, it will be making it’s way back home in a couple weeks.

Pics of the GT

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