Fear and Success

I love the holidays because it allows me to recalibrate and prioritize what’s important in life. The last couple of years I’ve re-read Steve Job’s commencement speech for inspiration. This year I was forwarded a link to Mark Cuban’s latest blog post at blogmaverick.com titled “Success and Motivation.” Mark Cuban is a fellow Hoosier and a die hard basketball fan. So much so, that he started Broadcast.com to enable him to listen to Bobby Knight and team play basketball over the internet.

His post is inspirational because he talks about all the stuff he’s been through and his willingness to talk about it. His post it quite long, but well worth it. Here are some gems:

“…was so impressed by this young kid (I was a wise old 25 at the time), that I actually wrote a letter thanking him for the great job he was doing, and…I’m embarassed to say now, I told him that if he kept up what he was doing he was destined for far bigger and better things.” – He was talking about Michael Dell

“Most people won’t put in the time to get a knowledge advantage.”

“All that matters in business is that you get it right once.”

Between Jobs and Cuban, you realize all those self-help books about success are just a waste of printed paper. It comes down to this:

– Believing in yourself (conquer your fears)
– Having balls (own the room)

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