Business Ideas

s0105150_enl.jpgAfter being in India for a couple of years, I tend to look around and notice things that potentially might work from a business angle. Although many of the things I’d like to see are around efficient process flows, below are several ideas that are not necessarily game changers but still have large appeal.

1. Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, which does independent testing of products and services. Currently everything is driven by PR firms and product placements, there is no objective way to find the benefits of a product/service unless talking to people.

2. for Bollywood. Currently the media and Bollywood have a cozy symbiotic relationship. I’m not a fan of Bollywood and I despise how they drop into the media whenever they are pimping their new movie. Every time Shahrukh gets on TV you can bet he’s releasing a new movie. This country salivates over two things: Shahrukh and the Sensex.

3. Office products chain (Office Depot/Staples). All the major big box retailers are talking about entering India, but the government is in indecision mode about foreign direct investment in retail. Starting an office products chain would be under the radar and serve the market well. In addition, it would allow a company to iron out all the delivery and supply chain issues for a potential full blown retail play.

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