Macau – What a let down

I was in Hong Kong for the past 3 days and decided I would head to Macau and check it out. Over the past couple of months I’ve been seeing a lot of press on Macau and how it’s taking over Vegas as the global gaming hot spot. In 2006, Macau did USD 7 billion and Vegas did USD 6.5 billion. In 2007, Macau did USD 10.4 billion and Vegas did USD 7 billion.

I figured the last time I was in Vegas was 2006 and had a GREAT time. I thought if Macau is doing roughly 50% more business then when I went to Vegas, I should have an AWESOME time in Macau – no chance.

The ferry to/from Macau is a buzz kill. One hour each way and if the ferries are sold out it means you might have to wait an hour or so till the next one. But, that’s all doable if Macau were worth it.

The general atmosphere of the casino’s was dull and boring. They don’t serve alcohol, instead it as OJ, milk, coffee, tea, etc…WTF. Please tell me I was in the wrong casino, but I went to a couple and they were both the same.

If you are accustomed to Vegas and the party atmosphere then Macau is not the destination. I think it’s more for hard core gamblers like Atlantic City.

If you know me I take a camera everywhere and take pictures of anything (my motto – it don’t cost nothing). I took it to Macau, but I was so disillusioned I didn’t take one picture. Hence no picture for this blog posting – first time EVER.

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