New MacBook Pro

After using my 15″ PowerBook G4 for the past 3 years I decided it was time to upgrade. I looked at the MacBook Pro (MBP) and the MacBook Air (MBA) and after using both I decided I wanted the larger screen size of the MBP.  I got the 2.4GHz with the glossy screen and it’s awesome.  Running Windows or Ubuntu via VMware Fusion is the only way to go. Took me 10-15 minutes to install each OS and I can run them at anytime along side OS X.

A little known secret is that Apple Stores in the US offer free WiFi access. So, in my quest to buy the MBP I visited 7 Apple Stores while in the US, crazy I know: 

– Fifth Avenue, NYC
– SoHo, NYC
– W. 14th St., NYC
– Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD
– Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, Calif
– Century City in Los Angeles, Calif
– Oxmoor Mall in Louisville, KY 

I also picked up a great charger from Kensington, if you travel internationally this device is a must.


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