1 conflict, 2 outcomes

The subprime crisis has caused havoc to anyone with a pulse.  Most people are affected in a negative way and a select few are actually doing well because of it.  

First the bad news, I’m not 100% sure but I believe Karthik Rajaram is the first person to commit suicide due to the crisis. He lived in a suburb of Los Angeles and not only killed himself but 5 others – mother in law, wife and 3 sons. His 19 year old son was a Fulbright Scholar, no small feat, at UCLA.  Really, there is not much else to say…[LA Times story]

Now the good news, the USD 700 billion dollar man is Neel Kashkari, he used to work in Redondo Beach, California a stones throw from where I used to live.  According to his biography Neel “developed technology for NASA space science missions.” Paulson is brilliant for selecting Neel, maybe he can re-package all this toxic paper and shoot it into outer space…problem solved.

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