Thanksgiving Massacre

YES, I’M TYPING IN ALL CAPS, WHICH USUALLY INDICATES SOMEONE IS YELLING…I’M F’N PISSED.  To put this post in context, I just came from a friends house who unfortunately got caught in the crossfire at the Taj Palace along with his family.  If my thoughts or grammer are off…get over it.

Over the past week I had visited the Taj Palace several times, meeting friends or eating at the restaurants and had been to the Oberoi a couple times as well.  It’s senseless that people have lost their lives at the hands of a terrorist’s gun.  But even more pathetic has been the government’s inept response and lack of leadership.  Is it not enough that they make our lives miserable with the sheer volume of corruption, but they can’t seem to respond quickly to distress calls from citizens in need who they vouch to protect while campaigning.

Every damn citizen should squarely hold the government responsible for it’s actions (or rather in action) and this massacre should be ground zero for people to realize India IS NOT shining and has not been…it’s been an illusion all along.  9 – 10% GDP growth and they can’t even seize a hotel and take control of it?  Come on, wake up and smell the masala chai.

Who would have thought that South Central LA would be safer than South Bombay.

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