The DotMatrix Show – my new podcast

A little under 6 years ago I started to write a blog mainly to have a “voice.”  In the past 6 years I have met many people because of the blog, brushed up my writing skills, got some hate mail and overall it’s been a great experience. However, over the past 6 months I’ve been getting a bit bored with the topics I have been covering (anytime I start to write about cars, you know it’s a slow news day). I’m not putting the blog to rest but going to write maybe once or twice a month as opposed to a blog post every week.

Instead, I will be focusing on finally getting a real “voice” with audio. Today, I’m launching a podcast with a co-host that covers business and technology from our perspective of being on the ground in India. It’s called “The DotMatrix Show” – connecting the dot…of biz and tech in India.

The co-host is Sahil Parikh who has similar views and passions but also many times we agree to disagree on stuff as well. You can subscribe via iTunes or visit our website to check it out.

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