Union Carbide: Only in India

While the US is currently dealing with the largest oil spill in history courtesy of BP. The Union Carbide (UC) disaster from 1984 is truly an Indian story.  The accident took place in 1984 and estimates run as high as 25,000 people have died because of the gas leak and thousands more injured.

So why am I talking about something that took place 26 years ago? Because the Indian court system last week found 8 people guilty of “death by negligence”….26 years later.

Parts of the media want Warren Anderson, past CEO and Chairman of UC, to be extradited to India to face charges. I’m thinking why not focus on the people in India that are alive and that might be able to shed some light on what really happened.  This happened in 1984, almost 7 years before the Indian economic reforms began.  A company like UC could not exist back then without a boat load of people getting compensated…follow the money trail.

I’m really surprised no one is talking about Keshub Mahindra, past CEO and Chairman of UC India. He was one of the 8 people found guilty. I’m assuming no one is mentioning him because he is the Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra a very large industrial group.

The media seems fixated on targeting people that can’t hurt them in the future. If they target Keshub Mahindra you can bet they won’t be getting any advertising dollars from Mahindra Motors, Reva, Kotak Mahindra, etc…truly Indian.

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