Hiring Hurdles

They say one of the toughest parts of running a company is managing all the human resource issues that invariably come up. However, I would say in India the toughest part is hiring people. We recently wanted to hire a technical person so we did the usual by using an online job site to find someone.  We got flooded with over 300 resumes and had to sift through them to find the gems, in the end we found 10 gems. We emailed them all and five responded back saying they would be available on an interview on Saturday. The big day came and only one person arrived and that candidate was clearly under qualified with an over-inflated resume.  It was a waste of time and resources for everyone involved.

Now, suppose all the interviews are done you would think all the heavy lifting would be done…wrong.  Now, you have to wait and hope the person you have extended an offer to actually shows up.  This is where it really gets crazy, because you might call the person several times and they will give you an excuse they are sick or someone else is sick.  Most people will not come out and say they don’t want to join your company, they just string you along till you stop calling. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this and it’s back to the whole recruiting process again.

So what do we do now? Job portals do work for many people but we decided it was not worth our time and effort to screen the candiates so now we use an outside recruiter. The recruiter screens the candidates and makes sure they show up for the interview. We also conduct a pre-interview phone call, this helps us establish the candidates speaking skills and whether they can communicate clearly. There is no point in having people spend time traveling to our office and then realize they can’t communicate effectively. With these two changes we have been more effective and the hiring process doesn’t seem so daunting as before.

The above article originally appeared on GQindia.com.


  1. Really nice article Manish. Hiring as a topic has always been of interest to me.

    I do wonder though how effective “Recruiters” are. As from some of my experiences and from what I hear, they are in the business to make the extra buck by sending the people to interview hoping there is a success. They do act as a good filter though. My first job was through a recruiting agency and they found me through Monster.

    Some other ways of finding the right person to work with:

    1) Blogs – Most programmers I know, do not blog, but people that do, I feel are more easy to know before hand about what they think and how they are as a person. Are they opinionated? Do they share?

    2) Events / Meetups – Meetups are a good way of knowing what people are working on. On a recent meetup I attended, I was surprised to hear about a few guys working on some interesting / challenging tech project.

    3) Social – Asking around and spreading the word offline within the network of friends can get a good list of candidates looking to switch or looking for a job.

    Have a nice day


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