Server Logs and GPT-3

Last month my Twitter stream was flooded with people talking about GPT-3 and how great it is. There was a video of someone asking for a watermelon button and it got created with all the associated code behind that button via GPT-3.

That is pretty amazing!

GPT-3 is latest language prediction model from OpenAI which is in part started by Elon Mush. Yeah, I know this guy is everywhere and doing some amazing things. There is a lot of vaporware on the internet but GPT-3 looks like the real deal, this really could have a hugh impact on how technology is created and deployed.

I’ve interacted with 100s of startups over the past 15 years and I have yet to come across anyone that has said the following…

going through server and infrastructure logs is my lifes mission

-said by no one

Of course, I’m sure the founders of Datadog ($DDOG) and New Relic ($NEWR) have uttered that…but that’s it. There is a reason – collecting, aggregating, sifting and analyzing server logs is about as fun as watching paint dry.

That’s where I think GPT-3 might be a god send for these server logs. I would love to run all these logs through the GPT-3 API and it would automagically tell me what is broken and where to look exactly. Today, when something is broken the DevOps guys will take half a day and then tell me “oh wait, we don’t have logging turned on for XYZ”…FML.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there will so many use cases of the GPT-3 that will be coming out as OpenAI opens up the API to more and more people. Truly exciting times.

In fact, a friend messaged me and asked if he could replace his tech team with GPT-3…not just yet. But, stayed tuned.

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