Cisco Q1 Fiscal Year 07 earnings

Two things are certain in the technology sector: Steve Jobs will always wear a black turtleneck and jeans during press conferences and Cisco will impress Wall Street with their quarterly numbers. The recent numbers continue the trend. Revenues were USD 8.2 billion, up 25% year over year (includes revenue from their recent acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta). Cash flow was USD 2.3b, margins were 64.8%, cash and investments is USD 19.5b and headcount was 51,840. Being on the ground in India, the picture for Cisco seems even rosier. They just recently announced a hugh expansion to their Bangalore campus. Granted almost every tech company has talked about expanding under the much touted SEZ program, the Cisco expansion is real as they have the land and are just looking to expand and not deal with the government red tape and so called economic incentives. During the recent flurry of press releases in India talking about the Indian expansion, the head of Cisco India was never quoted about it. He was from the sales group but I figured he would have played some role in the expansion but it seems after 3 years, Rangu Salgame has left Cisco. David Caspari, VP from Asia Pacific, will be the interim head of Cisco India.

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