Startup Engineering Cookbook

Recently, I’ve come across a number of founders and startups that have zero knowledge when it comes to technology and their startup. More concerning is many don’t seem to care, their attitude is “we’ll just outsource that stuff.” That just does not fly. Imagine you are opening a restaurant and you have the chef and menu all in place. For the venue/location you don’t really care, because that is not your domain since the food is the star attraction of the new restaurant. If the infrastructure of the restaurant is crap most people will not care how awesome the food tastes. There is the random “hole in the wall” that can get away with it but that’s the exception and not the rule.

I’m not expecting founders to start coding in Python overnight, but you need at least some basic understanding if you want to even approach an outsourced vendor. Hence, the above slide deck.

It provides non-technical founders an idea of what technology is available and some of the lingo that goes with it. Without some basic knowledge you are going to be taken for a ride and your precious angel investors will not be happy.

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